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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Momma Carr's Birthday!

Mother's Day is always a busy day for Tim and I. Not only do we try our best to make it see both Mom's and have every attention to see most if not all Grandma's some how & some way, this special weekend happens to be Tim's Moms birthday as well! So, that usually means a trip to Lynchburg we go! This year we planned a small gathering at this amazing new restaurant in Altavista VA (if for some reason you ever are in this area... I don't now why you would be (smile) then please stop by and check it out) It's called "Olivia & Isabella's" which is owned and operated by Nascar driver Stacy Compton. This was the Perfect place for a few family members and friends to gather to celebrate Momma Carr's Birthday. Please enjoy a few images of Momma Carr, she's making her years "do what it do" ;-)

she's about ready to "kill us" we had been hiding from her for hours...Gotcha!

birthday girl



3 musketeers


  1. This is so good sis! I'm teary eyed again. You do such an amazing job you catch the best moments. I want these copies let print some let me know the prices. Love you sister

    Precious Scott

  2. OMG!!!! Sis your work is untouchable your style is so distinct i just love how you make very picture a beautiful work of art!! I can't wait till i get married so you can make my pictures the best in the usa.... love regina