Hi! thanks for coming by! I am Chiantia... that is pronounced (Kee-on-tia) & yes, of course I do have a nickname... everyone calls me "Kee"...or Chi :-)
I am a creative lifestyle photographer. This is the place where I will share myself.. I will give you the opportunity to get to know me, understand the things I do, meet the people I love, and so much more.
Soon you will learn.. that I love simplicity. I find the excitement in the quiet moments and find peace in the loudest environments... I know, sounds weird right?........
The good thing is the more you grace my page with your presence the more opportunities you will have to get to know me a little better. So, happy blogging and please do come back often.
Many Blessings,

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mereles Wedding! 8.21.10

Congrats Mr & Mrs. Mereles!
I had the honor of shooting this lovely wedding back in August! It has been a while but I just had to post some of their images. Such a happy couple and a beautiful family! Congrats Jess & Aldo. Many Blessings to you!













Our 1st Anniversary!

Tim & I celebrated our 1st Anniversary on 8.8.10!
It was a special day for us as you can only imagine :-)
We woke, went to service! We had an amazing time at church on this day. It was the kick off to our changing lives together initiative...We are building a new worship facility.... I have to share this awesome news! Harvest is literally changing lives and I am honored and blessed to be apart of this mighty move of GOD!
After services, we drove to DC to hang out for a few hours.. we walked around downtown went to a few museums then went to one of our favorites... "Capital Grille" We literally had a ball.. you hear me, a ball!

We ordered everything under the sun had a nibble of this a nibble of that, we had mock-tails, appetizers, you name it we had it! then they topped it off with giving us a desert of our choice :-) love that place...
Let's just say we had several doggie bags, and we of course ate "Capital Grille" for days and days...

So, please enjoy a few of my favorite images from our Anniversary Day! I love these... and I love you TIMMY! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SUGA, BUGGA, WUGGGA! I look forward to our future-





I'm Back!

As I sit here thinking what am I going to say ... how do I fix the fact that I have just disappeared.. It have been gone for like "FOREVA" I have been crazy the last few months.. crazy in a good way though, I cannot and will not complain about one thing. I have been blessed upon blessed! I have so much to share with you guys! so much has happened since I last blogged sooo many things! I will be blogging on them all very soon. I am trying to play catch up.

I can honestly say that although I completely disappeared I do have faithful supporters that still called, booked session after session after session after session, asked how everything was, and just showed so much love. From the bottom of my heart thank you, it has not gone unnoticed I am forever grateful!

Ok, so Tim was joking me saying... what on earth will you say, you have been gone forever... he suggested I reintroduce myself ha ha ha.... well I listen very well, and I have decided that I will do just that! Still again I think what will I say... I happened to glanced through a few image while was sitting at the dining table.. as I pack! yes I said pack.... that is part of the good news... but I will share that later :-) Any way my sister took a few images of my Tim & I at a church service not long ago.. this image excites me... Yes, it is overexposed and may seem soo wrong.. but it totally makes me smile and I just think it is soooo right... I like the unusual. I love the challenge of finding so much in so little... I really believe that "it is the little things that truly matter"

So, as an informal RE introduction of who I am please draw your attention to the image below.. it's explains sooo much about me in so many ways.....

This image was taken at the installation service of my dear brother "Pastor Cecil Scott" :-)
by none other than....1st Lady Precious Scott!

Oh how I love gray, and I love light...lots and lots of natural light, I love red lipstick..I absolutely love my husband's bow ties.. I love to be silly, I love to be close, I love things off centered, I love diagnoals, I love old wooden stairs....I looooove love my husband "Tim" I could squeeze him all day if only he'd hold still long enough (smile) I swear when I'm in his presence the LORD always blesses me with an abundant of light a radiating glowing light....I mean this guy truly lights my world. Lastly this image reminds me of how GOD continues to pour on me his grace and mercy day after day after day... awwwhhh I could go on and on and on and on .. but I I'll stop there...
There you have it... a little about myself. Please come back time to time to learn more! As some of you will notice my look sort of changed a little..... my personal look and as you will soon notice my photography style is starting to evolve.....there is of course always room from improvement, right? so each day I take as a new sticky note.. I jot down new ideas, set new goals, and believe God for new mercies. I pray that you come back often & grow with me! Enjoy!
Many Blessings,

Friday, May 21, 2010

Christening Ceremony!

Lil Miss Paris Ce'lie Scott






Thursday, May 20, 2010

Momma Carr's Birthday!

Mother's Day is always a busy day for Tim and I. Not only do we try our best to make it see both Mom's and have every attention to see most if not all Grandma's some how & some way, this special weekend happens to be Tim's Moms birthday as well! So, that usually means a trip to Lynchburg we go! This year we planned a small gathering at this amazing new restaurant in Altavista VA (if for some reason you ever are in this area... I don't now why you would be (smile) then please stop by and check it out) It's called "Olivia & Isabella's" which is owned and operated by Nascar driver Stacy Compton. This was the Perfect place for a few family members and friends to gather to celebrate Momma Carr's Birthday. Please enjoy a few images of Momma Carr, she's making her years "do what it do" ;-)

she's about ready to "kill us" we had been hiding from her for hours...Gotcha!

birthday girl



3 musketeers

Monday, May 17, 2010

Jessica & Aldo ENGAGED!

I took this dynamic couple out to one of my favorite places that we love to sneak off too. It was an all around beautiful evening to capture all their joy and laughter. They had me cracking up 95% of the time.. with their comical personalities. I have the privilege of shooting their wedding in Stafford VA this upcoming August! Jess & Aldo, thanks for being such an amazing and fun couple to work with. Congratulations! Enjoy!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Just a Peak of Misty's Bridal Shower.. styled by SPARKLING EVENTS & DESIGNS, LLC.

I had the honor of documenting this fabulous & unique bridal shower for Misty a few weeks ago. All styled by the talented Ebony Sparks of Sparkling Events & Design. If you are in the market of hosting an event (weddings, babies, birthdays whatever it may be). Ebony is definitely who you are looking for... please stop by her blog and show her some love! http://sparklingeventdesigns.blogspot.com/
Misty will be getting married August 9, 2010 @ Dreams Punta Cana Resort and Spa in Dominican Republic!!!!!!!!!!! Totally wish I was joining you :-) but my best to you and Solomon!

Thanks again ladies for allowing me to be apart of such a fun gathering, I truly had an amazing time capturing all the excitement and love. Many Blessings to both your friends and family. Congrats Misty (you are going to be a gorgeous bride!)