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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our 1st Anniversary!

Tim & I celebrated our 1st Anniversary on 8.8.10!
It was a special day for us as you can only imagine :-)
We woke, went to service! We had an amazing time at church on this day. It was the kick off to our changing lives together initiative...We are building a new worship facility.... I have to share this awesome news! Harvest is literally changing lives and I am honored and blessed to be apart of this mighty move of GOD!
After services, we drove to DC to hang out for a few hours.. we walked around downtown went to a few museums then went to one of our favorites... "Capital Grille" We literally had a ball.. you hear me, a ball!

We ordered everything under the sun had a nibble of this a nibble of that, we had mock-tails, appetizers, you name it we had it! then they topped it off with giving us a desert of our choice :-) love that place...
Let's just say we had several doggie bags, and we of course ate "Capital Grille" for days and days...

So, please enjoy a few of my favorite images from our Anniversary Day! I love these... and I love you TIMMY! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SUGA, BUGGA, WUGGGA! I look forward to our future-





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